Brice Roofing, Long Beach Roof Repair Experts

There's not much point in having a roof over your head, if all sorts of things can just make their way through it! Roof leaks can be dangerous if water makes its way over to electrical appliances, and costly if the water sits on your carpet for more than few hours. Brice Roofing knows that roof repairs can't wait. We are ready to put the roof back over your head!

Control the Leak

Move all electrical items well away from the leak source. Tack plastic sheeting on to the roof to help stop the horizontal spread. If you can safely enter your ceiling space, place a catching tray under a leak on a solid beam rather than on top of insulation.

Try to Avoid

If you are not absolutely certain that your roof can hold your weight, don't go up there to find the source yourself. The same caution applies if you aren’t sure whether the ceiling space will hold your weight. The last thing you want to do is call an emergency builder.